04 May 2010

The Family Newsletter

The first of the month is a favorite time for me. I look forward to getting our family newsletter in my email and spending some time reading about my brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews. Our newsletter began with fits and starts when some us got together to make a mock-up of a “newspaper” to try and keep us all informed. Some of us were married and others not. We have a wide age-span of siblings—20 years. After my mother died in 1981, it became even more vital for us to keep in touch. The center of our family was missing and we had to hang on somehow. Bless Dad’s heart, he took over the newsletter duties and kept them coming faithfully until his death five years ago.
Even at 80 years old, he had set up an easy to use newspaper site on the internet and we have continued on to this day, using the talents of various family members. For 30 years I have looked forward to hearing from my siblings and now my nieces and nephews and their growing families. I keep up—in my heart and each month in the family newsletter.

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