26 October 2010

Family History Keeps Happening

Here's a challenge for us all.
Just 500 words a day
(or more)

Writing about the present is just as important as writing about the past. And it turns our hearts to each other just as the family history we do about ancestors does. Today my dear niece had a double mastectomy to rid herself of cancer (second time around). Of course I've been thinking about her all day. I tended 3 little neighbor kids and thought about her 3 little ones. Another niece came over and helped me clean out my pantry and pick some last garden produce. I couldn't help thinking about our garden talks. I picked flowers too and wished I could take them to the hospital where Jen is today. But she lives too far away. Instead I made an arrangement to take to my daughter's grave. That daughter is the same age and good friends with Jen, my cancer surviving niece.

Finally tonight I am so antsy, wishing for word about how she feels, I remembered her blog and went to check if there were any new posts. Bless her heart! She posted last night and this morning before her surgery. I love the way my nieces and nephews blog about their lives. I have several that I check regularly to see the photos and read about their lives. Thanks so much, dear ones. My heart is turned to you. Nothing says loving like something from the pen (computer).

And by the way, Jen's great example, as well as some others, has inspired me to write more often on my blog. Don't forget to write non-fiction in November as well as write non-fiction now. In fact, don't forget to write something every day. To be a writer, write!

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  1. I am glad you took the flowers to her grave. I thought abut her that day too.