15 December 2010

Advent Calendar - December 15 - Holiday Happenings

The family Christmas party was a high point of the Christmas season for many years. Generally we had some kind of program which always included the traditional re-enactment of the Nativity. I am the eldest of 10 children and it was always my job to organize my brothers and sisters into the family dramatic production which I narrated from Luke in the Bible.

There were memorable years when our brother, as a self-appointed donkey, stole the show by nibbling at the straw in the manger. The manger was our doll crib and we fitted it each year with the authentic Hawaiian grass skirts that  Grandma had brought home for my sister and I. We only wore those skirts for a few weeks when she gave them to us, but after they were carefully put away in their shoeboxes, we got them out each December for their more long-lasting use. I still have mine in the grandkids' dress-ups and if any children show up at my house at Christmastime, it is pressed into use again.

Later, we got together as adults and our children took over the Nativity dramatic reading and dress-up. The cousins took over the plum parts of Mary, Joseph, the angel and the wise men. Any extras were shepherds or some type of animal for the barn.

Sisters Annalee and Melanie sing a Christmas duet (Melanie is wearing her mother's Christmas dress 
from the cedar chest). McKay reads to baby Brian.

Cousins Brian (wise man), Sarah (Mary), Sam (wise man) and Nathan (Joseph)
Note the doll crib and Hawaiian skirt straw still serving as props.
Cousins Sheraya as Mary and Julia as a shepherd
Siblings Rachel, Nathan and Carl (shepherds) with cousin Brian as a walk-on
I'm sure we had refreshments and sometimes a gift exchange. I remember a couple of years when an energetic sister organized games for everyone. But the most constant memory of these get-togethers was the acting out of the Bible story of the birth of Jesus Christ. Our family loves dramatics and to be "on stage." Our Christmas parties reflect this interest as well as our interest in the Christmas story of the Bible.

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  1. Now this is a really neat tradition. My daughters and their neighbor friends used to put on plays for all the parents, but they were plays that they wrote themselves.