30 January 2011

Something's Comin', Something Good

Following is the announcement I made on our website:
Yes, the long-awaited third and final volume of Christensen family history is going to press THIS WEEK. I should say Johnson family history because this book is all about Hazel Johnson Christensen and her ancestors. And believe me, she has a lot of them--all very interesting. We continued to receive new material as we worked on this and finally had to say--enough!

Just last week a cousin sent me the deed to Jens Jorgensen's (James Johnson Sr.) land in Brigham City and Annalee researched out some very interesting historical connections that explained it.
Other "new for the first time ever" history contained in this book are:
  • the transcription of Lawrence Hoke's thrasher invention and a picture of his patent
  • the amazing revelation that Jens Jorgensen's sister Maren also joined the LDS Church, but stayed in Denmark
  • the story of the German twin boys who died before they were "baptized" and thus had no recorded names
  • an updated and completely illustrated version of James Johnson's mission journal
  • stories of our miraculous connections with many previously unknown cousins with the very information we needed
  • family "mini" reports of our Danish ancestry back to Jens and Marie's (James and Mary Johnson) great-grandparents
  • the updated version of the recipe for floating island pudding and
  • the pattern for the heirloom knitted lace that adorns the pillowcases Grandma made for us.
We have done much more research in the Danish and German records, verifying and adding to much of the information we "inherited." We tried to be as all-inclusive as we can in this book, resulting again in a very hefty volume for a very reasonable price.

Send an email to BookOrderInformation@gmail.com now to reserve your copy of this book. We will NOT be ordering many extras. Watch this site for the updated price and projected distribution information.

PS A limited number of books containing MJ Christensen's ancestry information are still available. Contact BookOrderInformation@gmail.com. This is a special email created specifically for order information.

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