11 February 2011

More wonderful stuff today at Rootstech

This morning we heard from Curt Witcher, head of Allen County Library. He is another very personable and positive man. He told us that we are living in the best time ever for genealogists. I totally agree. Our time today is not taken up by long and painful searching, rather we are helped so much by the technology available. Curt pointed out that we have the time now to evaluate our finds and then tell the stories. Tell the stories! Yes! Let's tell our stories. If we don't think we can write them, Anne Roach told us that we can write a book while on our commute, while doing the dishes or cutting up carrots, using speech to text tools. Yesterday I learned how to create family websites, create ancestor pages on FaceBook, and tell our living stories to each other as families.

I am learning so much and can hardly wait to implement it. But tonight I need to proof more of the book that we're publishing. Tedious, but necessary. Why is it that I see so many more typos in hard copy than on the computer screen? By the way, here's a tip courtesy of Anne Roach: Try using text to speech software to have your story read out loud to you. The errors that our eyes read right over are more "visible" to the ear.

Having a wonderful time at RootsTech. Wish you were here. Or maybe you are. Hi!!

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