17 July 2011

You Got Me

The year I graduated from high school I listened to a catchy Sonny and Cher song called, “I Got You, Babe.” I thought of that song as I heard another song this morning with a catch line of “Baby, you got me.” Don’t we all need each other? I spent several hours in the hot sun yesterday celebrating the marriage of a dear niece. Afterwards, nursing my sunburn, I asked myself, “Why do I like wedding receptions, family reunions and get-togethers? Why do I make the effort to attend? Why do I love my children and grandchildren to visit, even though I’m dead tired and the house is trashed when they leave?” I’m not really a very outgoing person or a good conversationalist. My strict food plan precludes many of the refreshments. But I do get something out of these events. Something that is very important to me.

The key is in the words to the song by John Batdorf and Michael McLean, “What D’Ya Got? Here is a sample: (Listen to the whole song on YouTube.)
What d'ya got when you're overdrawn?
What d'ya got when your credit's gone?
What d'ya got that keeps hangin' on for eternity?
What d'ya got when it's all a mess?
What d'ya got now that's not worth less?
What d'ya got they can’t reposess?
Baby you got me.

What d'ya got when it turns pitch black?
What d'ya got when there's no Prozac?
What d'ya got when you ain’t got jack?
Baby can’t you see?
What d'ya got when your dreams get squashed?
What d'ya got when your wires get crossed?
What d'ya got that just won't get lost?
Baby you got me.

What do we really have to give each other? Just ourselves, our love, our care and our interest. To me, that’s what family history writing, family reunions, receptions, parties and chats over the internet, the phone or in my living room are all about. “Baby, you got me.”

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