30 September 2012

Storied: Capture and Share Family Stories

The ways and means of sharing family stories are countless. I was recently contacted by Anina whose son Eli is involved in developing an app for iPads and maybe other media to help people tell family stories. Eli and his partner Rylan are in the process of gathering funds to launch their app. They were inspired by Eli's father-in-law, Don, who suffered from Alzheimer's Disease.

I agree that story-telling is such a nurturing thing to share with one another and I have my own Alzheimer's story. A dear family member also suffers from this disease. I helped him produce a personal history and his book has meant the world to him. What a wonderful gift a family or personal history can be! I wish Eli and Rylan the best.

For further information, click here. Even a small donation will make a difference. And then use the app or develop your own means of telling family stories.

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