17 June 2010

Follow Friday--Following Festivities

Last week was notable. I had never participated in the Thanksgiving Point Scottish Festival, but I had wondered about it. This year my red-headed granddaughter danced and I went. I went to see her, but I also felt my Ulster Scotch blood stir within me. I visited the MacGregor booth and reveled in the story of those "noble" outlaws. We aren't sure just when or how the McNees came to Rhode Island, but they were likely part of the romantic story of the MacGregors--who could be killed on sight, no questions asked.

My son, my husband, 3 grandchildren and I marched with our clan on the parade grounds to the sound of the droning bagpipes. We thrilled to the clan motto "S Rioghal Mo Dream" or "My Race is Royal." We took our turn at tossing cabers and examining swords, we ate meat pies and learned about the tartans. The weather was cool, but my heart warmed to the festival that this year was for me.

Summertime brings us many festivities, celebrations and reunions of every kind. Why not join in the fun, celebrate the past in our present and feel the family history this summer?

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