29 April 2020

Mr. Nathan and His Grandpa

My son, Nathan, made this video about the fun and the comfort of looking at family history. Take a look at his work. I'm so proud to be his mother.
It is so relevant for the times we are now in, with the novel coronavirus shutting down so much in our country and even the world.
This virus is threatening our precious senior citizens. They are the repositories of so much history. The history that makes us who we are. Looking back and seeing our grandparents as people who were once young with different lives than what we see today helps us move forward with greater confidence and hope into our own lives.
That confidence and hope are essential for our survival today.
I challenge you to do as he suggests. Talk to someone about who they are and who they once were.
Link to Nathan's video: https://youtu.be/_CvPoDnImig

Photo featured in Nathan's video, his grandmother and his grandfather,
holding Nathan's father as a baby

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