07 November 2010

Publishing an ancestor "website" blog

"Can I put the certificates and stories I've collected on-line?" It was the question of the day. The answer is yes, yes and please do. A very easy-to-do no-cost platform to use is found at www.blogger.com. It's simple to create a blog. Just create a name (The Samuel Jones Family Tree), check out the name you would like to use (SamJonesGenealogy@blogspot.com) to see if it's available. Do the word verification game and then you're already picking your template. Choose something simple to begin with, then you can spend some time customizing the look or just start blogging. Begin with a simple paragraph describing the purpose and scope of your blog, what you wish to accomplish and where you will go next. Then add to it on a regular basis. You can describe your research efforts and publish the results. You can put up photos, documents and histories.

Play around with the design of your blog, adding gadgets that will fit your purpose. Take care to protect names and facts about living persons, including yourself. Divide the blog by categories for each person if you would like and add information from the reports section of your personal genealogical software. Or choose your own means of presentation. Read widely from the many many blogs on-line, looking for examples you want to use, instructions and suggestions for blogging in general or for setting up your particular type of information. Make comments and become involved in the genealogical community. Come on in, the water's fine.

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  1. Great post and thanks for encouraging folks to blog about their genealogy and family history. Don't forget to check out the Primer at GeneaBloggers http://www.geneabloggers.com/genealogy-blog-primer/ which will give you and overview of what you can do with a blog.

    Also our Blog Resources http://www.geneabloggers.com/blog-resources/ has links for getting started with blogging!