10 February 2011


I'm in the Family History Library in Salt Lake and it's almost 10 pm. Yay, they are open tonight and tomorrow much later than usual. It's fun to be here all the rootstech people. Earlier this evening, my sister and I attended a fun party at the Planetarium with food, prizes and an awe-inspiring 3-D movie of the Hubble space telescope repair and photos from the telescope. Wow, it does make me aware, like genealogy does, of how small I am in the universe.

I attended some wonderful classes today; learned a lot. More later. This morning I wondered if I was in the right place. Some of more technical technology in the keynote addresses went over my head. I did get some of it though and I get the reasoning behind mixing us up--techies and family history nuts. We learn from each other. I think this will be a glorious 3 days, well 2 more to go.

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