15 February 2011

There I Am!

I went to Dick Eastman's after-conference dinner at rootstech. It was the first time I have attended one of his dinners. Wow, it was great fun. I knew I would need to have some kind of transition activity before I went back to "real life." The conference was wonderful, geared toward "easy does it" and telling our stories. I so agree with the importance of both those ideas. And sure enough, upon arriving home, though I don't live that far away from SLC, I was immediately swept into the housework, etc. that had been neglected in favor of the conference. 
I'm in the black and purple, surrounded by my new friends
It's taken me a few days to "surface," but when I saw my picture on the Eastman blog today, I had to post about it. It took me back to the fun of being there and the wonderful people I met. 


  1. That "new friend" on your right looks just like your sister! I'm so glad you two are friends now.

  2. @fiftyjill I just wanted to see if you were still reading.