07 April 2011

Post, post, post

I could be talking to me here--about posting. It's April already and this is my first post of the month. I'm actually still trying to get my computer back together after the second crash in 3 months. At least this time, I was backed up. (Are you?) There are still lots of things I needed to do to get myself together, it seems. But I have had some exciting news.

I've posted on Footnote.comcreating pages for people and garnered some feedback. But this week another seed bore fruit. A few years ago I registered for Family Pursuit and joined their on-line family tree for free. I just received an answer from a woman in Sweden. And lo and behold, there was another message there for me from last year. I must have missed the email forwarding.  (Can you tell I don't check very often?) We also have gotten some inquiries about our family websites. My Swedish friend had first posted there, but when I emailed her, she didn't answer back. The new messages I received from her explained why. She doesn't speak English. It's exciting to hear from Rose-Marie about my step-great-great grandmother in these words:

Map of area from Rose-Marie (Stormhult, hästskjuts ca 1920)

A photo from Rose-Marie: Stormhult, hästskjuts ca 1920
You asked about Anna Beata Andreasdotter and I didn´t answer you about her. 
About her family: Her father was a sailor when he married Christina born in Stormhult, they lived first by her parents, 1844 - 1848 they moved to a farm called Ålgårda (he became a farmer there), about 1½ km from Stormhult, there was Anna Beata & Johan Adolf born. After that they moved to a farm in the village Sundstorp (16 farms), Sundstorp nr 1 and lived there 1849 - 1864. 

I had read in the Swedish records that he was a seaman and then a landholder, but her words help me picture it so much more clearly. I'm looking forward to further correspondence. She says she's writing a book! 

My challenge to all of us is to find a new place to post something about one or more of our ancestors. And then enjoy the connections we can make and the way it fills out the family history. And my challenge to me personally is to write about something I learned at Rootstech, another way to use social networking to get the information out there to find our cousins who are wanting to know more or even who do know more than we do.

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