21 October 2011

I haven't gone away--Just thinking

My son is getting married in 2 weeks. I'm excited for the trip to Florida. I'm working day and night on his heritage quilt that I'm making. (More about this in another blog--with photos) But I'm here. My head is also in my family history writing. I'm pondering the list of babies I just transcribed for Family Search indexing. In 1871 they were in prison with their mothers. I'm answering emails from inquiring cousins. I'm doing some copy editing for a blogging friend.

I'm reading a wonderful book by Tristine Rainier called Your Life as Story. This is an older book, available as a bargain book from Amazon. I love it. I'm reading it with one of my writing friends and we are discussing it. I wake up in the morning with my head buzzing with writing ideas.

My sister is taking a class on family history writing from the university and I want to take it with her. In the meantime, I found this free course on writing family history from BYU.http://is.byu.edu/courses/pe/999015075002/public/start.htm. There are several free courses there. They look luscious. There are also numerous free courses at FamilySearch.org, with some interesting things on family history writing. Oh my, I want to investigate these further. Only 24 hours in a day????

There are also lots of great websites to explore and use. Here are some that I read or that I want to investigate further: http://www.mapyourancestors.com/https://www.familysearch.org/techtips/http://www.storytree.me/http://1000memories.com/http://www.saveeverystep.com/default.aspx. These are just a few of the latest ones.  I'm still reading my old favorites too: Dick Eastman at http://blog.eogn.com,  Marian Pierre-Louis at http://rootsandrambles.blogspot.com/, Dan Curtis at http://dancurtis.ca (check out his list of resources too), the wonderful National Association of Memoir Writers at http://www.namw.org/, (they offer some terrific free webinars) and of course Nina Amir at http://howtoblogabook.com as well as several other places. I am taking her WNFIN challenge next month--write a book of non-fiction in November! Who will join me?

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  1. Look forward to reading about your heritage quilt. Have a happy day at the wedding!