02 April 2013

RootTech 2013

Loved, loved, loved RootsTech 2013 in Salt Lake City. My sisters and I took advantage of being there to also do some research at the Family History Library in Salt Lake. But what I loved most about the sessions was the emphasis on family and personal stories. What a feast in the area I am most passionate about. Here are some links for you to peruse.
The RootsTech people have a great website linking us to many of the presentations (all of the keynotes) from RootsTech 2013 and you can also download the complete syllabus at http://rootstech.org/downloads. This contains a wealth of ideas from many presenters.
Association of person photo organizers. Sign up for free tips by email.
Lynn Palermo conducts the Family History writing challenge each February, but her site has much more. She has a beginnner’s page and a step by step tutorial about how to write family history, a forum about writing history, a section on Irish history, and one about conferences. You name it, you search for it and chances are you will find it here.
Check out the Reel Genie site for some exciting ways to create a family video.
Dan Curtis from Canada also has a very valuable website and will send also emails with suggestions on how to be a personal historian. He has a rich library of resources and also sends out a list of personal history links every Monday. 

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