02 February 2012

Collaboration: getting better and better

Jay Verkler gave the keynote address today--2 February 2012 at RootsTech. What a vision he presented, taking all the pieces of the internet genealogical experience and showing past, present and future. Two Google representatives (Robert Gardner & Dave Barney) a Chrome extension that shows historical-data.org. This extension makes genealogical data more searchable on the web. My understanding is that the exciting developments they showed us were directly as a result of last year's RootsTech. Wow!

Next, Jay invited brightsolid and archives.com people up to show how world-wide collaborating and sharing can take place. Very impressive! Even "Emma," a future child from 2060, was able to increase her collaborative knowledge. 

The exhibition hall is overwhelming--so many wonderful products and ideas to share and learn about. I scratched the surface and went with my sister to donate a digital book scan to  FamilySearch.  Now I'm learning about WikiTree--another free collaborative venture. Is this a great time to be alive and doing family history or what?

On a personal note--wish my phone was smart and that I was smarter too.  This little netbook is kind of slow and really inadequate for my needs. Maybe next year. PS I got my beads and name badge extension from Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers.

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