02 February 2012


In today’s world, to publish family history or share what I know about my family, I have to use technology. The world-wide conference that begins today and continues over Friday and Saturday addresses the need we have as genealogists to be computer literate. Not only literate, but efficient in using the technology we are gifted with to share family history.

I have the opportunity to attend RootsTech in person, but anyone with an internet connection has at least some of the conference available to them. I have blogged before about the importance of educating ourselves as we write and publish. Blogs, webinars, Google+, websites and on-line classes abound. See the RootsTech site to sign on and see what’s going on in live streaming today.

I hope to share something of what I am learning about writing my family history with you this weekend and in subsequent days. We are a world community of historians. Historians with a particular interest on personal and family history, the everyday happenings of life that make it meaningful on a personal level. Small and simple, yet world-wide—that is the gift of modern technology. See you at RootsTech!

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