05 February 2012

Indexing the 1940 census

I'm signed up; are you? On April 2, the 1940 census will be released, but it won't be indexed yet. A census provides an interesting snapshot of a particular family at a particular time. We have all enjoyed the peeks afforded us by previous censuses. Now, another decade has passed and the 1940 census is here. We will be able to access our family directly if we know exactly where they were living. However, when this census is indexed, we will be able to search by name to see that little "photo" the census taker provided.

Several companies and many people are working together to accomplish this quickly. Most of the work will be done by volunteers. I'm ready now. I've signed up. I'm practicing so I know the program. Let's work together on this. Sign up now at http://the1940census.com/.  By the way, my mother and father are in it.

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